According to the Bank of Canada, home buyers who work with a broker save more money than those who work directly with a bank.

And when you think about it, brokerages like MorCan Direct are much more likely to help you – here’s why:

What is your home worth?

Banks are Driven by Profits – And Profits Only

They’ve practically eliminated the competition by buying up all the Trust Companies and swallowing their assets into the bank’s operations. Very little competition means they can charge you practically anything and you’ll have to take it.

And even if you refuse, they put a truckload of obstacles in your path to make switching cumbersome and overwhelming.

You’re a Number, Not a Person

Banks look at you as a number – not a person. Your pre-qualification and pre-approval are an automated, robotic process that kicks you out the minute there could be a red flag.

We don’t think that’s fair.

With MorCan Direct, you’re a person – and we work with you to ensure we’ve looked at your financial and home loan needs from every angle. And even if for some reason we can’t get you approved right now, we still provide helpful guidance and tips – so that when you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll be there.

All of our home loan professionals work on salary, not commission, so they’re not influenced by the question of “how can I make money off of you?” but rather “how can I help you?”

Sound. Unbiased mortgage advice — the way it should be.

And although coffee won’t affect your home loan approval, it should definitely open your eyes and get you thinking about the possibilities that are out there – and which is most geared toward you and your goals (and not their wallets).

Reach out – and let’s talk more!

Your Friends at MorCan Direct