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At MorCan Direct, we’re experts at structuring your mortgage refinance in the best possible manner to get you the most money at the lowest rate, helping you achieve your big picture financial goals. As one of the largest and top-rated independent brokerages in Canada, we have preferred status with our lenders that ensures your deal is viewed in the most favourable light.

We’re in the midst of a golden opportunity. Record high home values and historically low interest rates make refinancing your mortgage one of the best financial decisions you can make right now. Even if you don’t need the extra money right now, the opportunity to access your hard-earned equity in a year or two is beginning to fade as the markets tighten. And if you’re carrying any high interest debts, it makes sense to consolidate that into a single, low-interest payment while rates are still hovering at all-time lows.

Whether you’re acquiring assets, consolidating debt, doing renovations to boost your property value, or combining a first and second mortgage, we offer you a sound, unbiased mortgage solution that you can be confident will help you achieve your goals.



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