In the 15 years that I have been brokering mortgages it has never been harder or more expensive to get mortgage financing for consumers who are even slightly on the fringe of being classified an “A” Borrower. Who falls into this category? As long as it isn’t you or I, who cares, right? But wait, it is me, and it might be you too!

The number of people who now find themselves sideways in a mortgage market that once showered them with low cost money will surprise you. Unless it already has. Do you know if you qualify with the new income requirements that have been set? Are you one of the Canadians with slightly less than perfect credit who slid through with an “A” rate mortgage in the past? Could you be one of the homeowners in Toronto who bought a new house with the hopes of selling their old home in a market that no longer exists? Maybe you’re one of the folks who thought that the mortgage approval from their bank meant their mortgage was approved? Or in response to a great investment opportunity maybe you tried to access some of the equity in your home only to find out that you can’t because your friendly bank can no longer accommodate you.

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The Real Estate and Lending markets in Canada have changed drastically.

Over the past few months we have helped many Canadians find solutions to lending problems that were created by market conditions. If you or someone you know finds themselves in an overpriced private mortgage or unable to close on a transaction at the last minute please don’t hesitate to contact one of the amazingly helpful salaried staff members here at MorCan Direct.  Our experts will be able to provide you with a variety of mortgage options designed to meet your needs. A great deal of our recent mortgage volume has been coming from other Mortgage Brokers and Bankers who ask us to help their clients. Our expert, unbiased mortgage advice is so well received in the industry that many have come to rely on us to help them place their more complicated mortgages.

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Before you venture into the mortgage market or renew your next mortgage make sure you seek the advice of an expert. It doesn’t have to be us, we just ask that you go to an unbiased source when making your next decision.



Marcus Tzaferis