No matter what stage you’re at of the home loan research process, all of your efforts can likely boil down to one simple question:

“How can I get the best possible rate for my mortgage?”

The answer may surprise you.

What is your home worth?

Don’t Go To A Bank.

I know that advice probably flies in the face of everything you’ve ever been told by friends or family, or even the dealings that you’ve had with your own bank. After all, they position themselves as a “one stop shop” for all your financial needs.

But that doesn’t mean they’re the best option.

According to research done by The Bank of Canada, borrowers who use a mortgage broker will pay less than those who deal with lenders directly.

What’s more, banks are very slow (if not downright obstinate) to pass on any decrease in the Bank of Canada rates onto their customers.

The study also found that discounted mortgage rates became very common in the 1990s because of the sheer breadth of Trust companies active in the mortgage marketplace. This, in turn forced banks to be more competitive.

Until they realized they could simply buy the Trusts and merge them into their (the banks’) existing operations.

Talk about a hostile corporate takeover!

Now, mortgage discounting has increasing steadily as more consumers use the internet to shop for their mortgage and turn to Mortgage Brokers like MorCan Direct.

Because we are a team of salaried employees our goal is simple, give you the best possible discounted rate we can find that meets your needs and make sure we WOW you with our customer service.

We haven’t forgotten what customer loyalty means.

That’s what has made us Canada’s #1 mortgage broker for three years in a row (and counting!)

We’d be happy to email you a copy of the full report if you’d like to read it. Just write to and when you’re ready to get the best possible rate for your home loan, give us a call at (416.766.9000) and let’s talk.  We’ll work hard to understand your unique situation and what you’re looking for in an ideal home.

Reach out to us today! No pressure, no sales pitch. Just unbiased, commission-free mortgage professionals working hard for you.

The way it should be.

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