We want to switch you from your current mortgage to a Prime -1.10% Variable Rate Mortgage, that would mean an effective mortgage rate of 1.85%**. If the Bank of Canada’s last rate cut gets factored into the Prime Rate the new prime would be 2.95% and you would be 1.10% lower than that.


This happened in 2008! We know how the Banks will react. This offer will be done in the coming days. In 2008 Variable Rate Mortgages spiked to Prime + 1% only a few days after the shock interest rate adjustment by the Bank of Canada. 

There is a real opportunity to save you a significant amount of money on your mortgage. Unfortunately this will probably only last for the next few days. 

Whats Next:

All we need to do is confirm your current income information and verify the amount you owe on your mortgage. After a 2 minute phone call we can submit your application to lock in your Variable Rate. Then we have between 90 and 60 days to collect your paperwork, which we can do for you.

No Commitment:

This costs you nothing, you are not committed to taking the new mortgage. This requires us to do some work with the lender, but we are confident that it will leave you in a far better position.


We have calculated your break fee, we can discuss your exact savings with you over the phone. We have a fund set up to help people reduce their penalties if you are in a fixed rate by paying down their mortgages by the entirety of their prepayment privilege prior to breaking their mortgage.

Please take this under serious consideration, we simply don’t have enough capacity to call all of our clients before the rate changes. This offer is only for fully qualified borrowers, so good credit and qualified income

**OAC, Terms and Conditions may apply.

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